Saturday, June 29, 2013


Hello people, here is a new blog post about art stuff. Sorry haven't written for a while, little inconveniences have contributed to this neglect such as my actual job sucking giant ass & imminent homelessness, but as all the other pencil-monkeys out there will know, this matters not a jot as long as the art gets done ('finally', i hear editors & writers adding in unison)
 I've just finished another episode of the adventures of Jikan , time travelling samurai demon-hunter, as ever penned by the ever-readable Mark 'The Shark' Howard, entitled 'The Demon At The End of Time'. Before i started i had a brief look at the last Jikan episode i drew just to get back in the swing of things , & realised the last page i'd drawn never saw the light of day because Davey C (editor of 'Paragon' anthology - home of Jikan ) altered the end at the end of The Jikan Chronicles Book 2 in order to tie in with the beginning of Book 3. So here it is.

I gave Jikan a more 'hardcore' look in this, more than anything to differentiate the 'Jikans' (this being the 'far future' Jikan, i believe the story gets a bit 'Back To The Future Part 2' later, altho i'm still in the dark myself). 

Anyway, just letting u guys know what i've been up to, if you're good i might even give u a little preview of the next strip

Go on then, here u go!


Dave Candlish said...

Pesky editors - always sticking their oar in and wanting changes!

El Chivo said...

No worries boss! U get the new strip ok?

Richard Spencer said...
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Alex Spunge said...

Hey man, it's Alex from [spunge] here! How's tricks?

Sorry to comment on here but couldn't find another way to get hold of you! Give me a shout on as soon as you can bud.

Great to see you still keeping up the awesome pics!

Speak soon fella, Alex