Saturday, March 12, 2011

Choose Your Beastie!

Here's a couple of beasties poor old Jikan will have the pleasure of running into in the future (past? present? time-travelling is a confusing business). The first is a Gryphon/Griffin from 'Jikan's Bounty', written by Dirk Van Dom and winging (geddit?) it's way to you sometime later this year & the second can be seen in 'Mistress Of Time' written by Mark J. Howard, as of next week available in it's entirety in Paragon issue no.7 so go get it!




Van Dom said...

That Griffin looks great, Chi! Can just about make out what he's holding too! Looking forward to seeing this one come together mate!

El Chivo said...

Cheers VD, i'll send u that page once i get a bit more done.Just a little taster here, gotta keep em comin back for more!